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Teens & Tweens. The After Alice Ltd. Christmas guide.

14 November 2022 -

Okay. We are getting stuck in. I have seen some Teen/Tween guides circulating and nobody does it quite like us. We are adding our voice to the mix. 

Surprisingly for a toy and gift shop we are determinedly ANTI STUFF. This puts us in a rather precarious and unusual position as a commercial business. But let me reassure you, as a parent to a 11 year old and a 13 year old we are regularly talking about STUFF. Do we really need it? Do we just want it in the instant? Is it useful? Does it add something different to the stuff mountain we already have? It looks great but why does it cost so little, who is really paying the price for that unbelievably cheap cute outfit (yes SHEIN, I have no idea how to pronounce you but I am most definitely looking in your direction!).  

Because these are questions we should all be asking as consumers. And encouraging our kids to ask too. Especially when (not long from now, perhaps rather hideously in early November) we are wandering around a plush store, Slade is belting out that hit, we are feeling all warm inside and wondering if it is too early for stollen / that festive flavoured latte . . . and we start on the dreaded impulse buys. Getting carried along on a whoosh of Mariah Carey all the way to the tills. 

Hold firm dear friends. Beware the mindless / panic shop. Cast your mind to Christmas day. Release a vision of what you want to encounter. What pursuits do you want to see your teen engaging in after the big unwrap? And, more importantly, in the weeks that follow.

Slow down you crazy child, Billy Joel had it right. In a world that is constantly plunging young people into the societal scrum of comparison and competition, elect to give them something this Christmas to offset that. Just a little. A different way to spend their time. A watercolour set. An amazing puzzle. Something to get them writing or creating. A gift that relates to a passion they have, that keeps that little flame burning. Perhaps a game which means they finally have a reason to talk to their younger sibling / Auntie Jean! 

Just to let you know, there is nothing in our Teen Alice section that you need to plug in, apart from some very nice lamps. We are unashamedly unplugged. Of course most teens have the electronic stuff and that is totally accepted (we'll leave to which degree up to your family) but shopping at After Alice Ltd will not be adding to any mini Japan that may be growing in your home. Also, aside from a sackful of Wow-type-presents-for-under-the-tree, there is very little in that teen section that costs more than £30 (with the vast majority falling under £20). That is not to say we are cheap! We are incredibly fussy about quality in the products we source. But we often find that simple, thoughtful and well made does not need to cost the earth. 

So below are some examples of the kind of gift you could consider putting in a stocking (please say you still do those, they are never ever too old) or under the tree. Of course there is an entire Teen Alice collection to explore if you care for wider inspiration. 

And however you do it, however well you think you have done, be prepared, their favourite thing will always be the random jit they get in the cracker . . . 

Pencils for the end of the world 

Puzzle the history lovers 

Connect with friends - it is all in The Mind 

Capture those brilliant ideas 

Is any childhood really complete without one of these?

Spread the love. Everyone should know how to give one of these

Minty fresh justice. RBG, America could really do with you now

This game is the biggest hit in our house right now

A little calm amongst all the crazy 

Up your insult game 

Dobble for teenagers (who know their Picasso from their Keith Haring, or soon will)




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