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About us

Thoughtful gifts for thinking girls.

After Alice is an online toy and gift shop for girls (3 years to teen).  It is a carefully curated collection of gifts to inspire, delight and engage. Our aim is to provide an interesting mix of present options, whilst trying to avoid some of the more obvious products commonly targeted at girls. We see the limits of the pink aisle and the pursuits that focus solely on promoting how a girl should look, appear, and act, rather than how she feels or thinks. After Alice is interested in the whole girl.  Especially her internal world. 

We believe that good toys can be many things. Something simple but well designed. An amusement or comfort. A spark for the imagination, fresh skill or direction.  But most important of all, they should be fun. A great toy is a starting point for your child, where they go next is up to them. 

So, let’s follow our girls’ interests. All of them. Let’s give them the opportunity to dream, imagine and create.  To engineer and experiment.  To find out what works, and just as importantly, what doesn’t.  If you are of the same mind I hope you enjoy our site and find a great gift for your girl.

Do you know of a great product that you think we should be stocking? As a new business we are constantly looking to add new lines that fit our ethos. Please contact us with any suggestions. 

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