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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you just sell toys and gifts for girls?

We don’t!  There are lots of products on our pages that boys will enjoy just as much as girls.  Our collection has been inspired by girls and it was frustration at the limited and lazy options presented to girls that led to After Alice Ltd.  However, our toys and gifts are for all.  We also recognise that marketing for presents for boys can be just as stereotyped and predictable as for girls. 


Aren’t you just selling a lot of gender neutral toys ‘for girls’

Yes.  But we don’t particularly see that as a criticism!  Some of the products have certainly been created and designed for girls, but the majority of our lines could be described as gender neutral.  We believe a good toy is a good toy.  This collection is for parents (and other gift buyers) who don’t want to wade through a sea of pink fluffy glitter to find some less obvious, positive ideas for their girls.  Too often the toys that require cunning, building, planning and creating are not found in the pink aisle.  But you will find them here.  We do have pink and glitter (not so sure about the fluffy) but our site isn’t drowning in it.  We love all colours in the spectrum and celebrate choice and variety. 


Isn’t this all a bit divisive?

We don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable but we felt there was a need for After Alice and hope you do too.  We may not appeal to everyone, but we hope you enjoy our selection.


Why are you called After Alice? 

We liked the idea of a modern day Alice. A girl today with the natural curiosity of Lewis Carroll's character. Alice is brave and bold. She speaks her mind. In Wonderland the normal rules and expectations don't apply, and that freed Alice. We like that idea. That if girls are allowed to explore and be adventurous they can achieve all kinds of exciting and maybe unexpected things. This seemed to fit in well with the ethos of our shop. 


I am buying a gift to send directly to a child. How will they know who it’s from? What do you include in the package?

We offer a service where customers add a free gift message to accompany their gift.  To use this function simply add your text to the message box on the Shopping Bag page before you go on to check out.  If a customer does not add a message, at the very least we will include the sender's name.  Other than that there will be no paperwork included in the package (to spoil the surprise or reveal the budget!). 


Can I send a greetings card with the present?

Yes.  We have a selection of cards to choose from to suit all occasions. Christmas cards, Birthday cards and more can be found under ’Shop by Product’.  Select a greetings card to go with the gift and we can handwrite the message for you. Simply add your text to the box where indicated on the Shopping Bag page.


Do you offer a gift wrap service?

Absolutely. You can select this service on the Shopping Bag page. Please note that a small number of products are not eligible for gift wrapping.

If you are sending wrapped gifts to more than one recipient in a parcel, contact us listing which products are for which child and we will make sure they are clearly named. Please include your order number in your message. 


Can I have an invoice?

Once your order has been despatched you will be sent an email offering you the choice to print off your invoice.  Simply follow the link. If you would like us to send you an invoice by post, just get in touch and let us know.


My daughter’s birthday is coming up.  Lots of people are asking me what she wants.  Can your site help? 

We’d love to help!  You can use our Wishlist function to select a range of products to delight your child and then email them as suggestions to relatives and friends.


What can I expect from your packaging?

We try and keep our packaging as sensible and green as we can. At the same time we are mindful of ensuring our packages are presentable and appealing for our recipients and that goods are well protected.  Where possible we reuse and recycle. 


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