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Christmas Games for all the family

30 November 2022 -

Hopefully you know by now, that one of our favourite things at After Alice Ltd. are games & pursuits that bring families together. In this modern world it is so easy to be in our own little silos, happily following our own entertainment desires, physically together but somewhere completely apart in our heads.

We all need a bit of that, don't get me wrong, but Christmas and the lovely days around it, are a time to connect. And a great game at the right time can really help make that connection happen. 

So, we have compiled our 2022 top 10 of Christmas games. In no particular order (you are all wonderfully different after all). Perfect for after the festive roast and just before you walk the dogs. 

1). Don't Get Got

A feisty alternative to a board game. Players are given 6 secret missions they have to try and pull off, without being rumbled by the other players. The first to successfully complete 3 missions is victorious. This game can last all day, or be finished within an hour (depending on the sneakiness and dedication of the players). This new addition to our site has caused much delight in the After Alice Ltd house. Perfect for engaging teens and tweens who may groan audibly if you mention a more traditional pursuit. 

2). Choc-a-blocks

Think cocoa coloured Tetris. A fiendishly difficult puzzle for some (I include myself in this category). Whereas our friend Rose (14 years), carefully considered it for a while and then completed it twice in quick succession. Strangely compelling. Almost as addictive as the tasty stuff. A perfect pursuit after the big meal, once the plates are cleared. Trust me. Everyone will want a turn. 

3). Sounds Fishy 

Another showing from the Big Potato Games stable. But no surprise really, as again it is a quick to understand and quick to play game. Lucky that, as the Alices have named 'Dad reading out games instructions in that teacher voice' as a special circle of hell, and will do anything to avoid it. Sounds Fishy is essentially a quicker version of Balderdash, with all the fun left in. Players try to work out which is the right answer to the question, in a sea of red herrings. Lots of fun, no waiting for your turn (everyone is involved in every round) and plenty of opportunity to be creative with your responses. This is another big hit with the teens and tweens. 

4). Andy Warhol Memory Game 

One for the cooler folk. Perfect to leave out on the coffee table. Find the pair of matching Campbell soup cans (some are fiendishly similar, you need to pay attention). Iconic and a very good work out for the grey matter. 


5). Clack!

Enough with all this cool calm. If you have younger diners or relatives that could do with a bit of livening up, Clack! is an energetic fun solution. Roll the dice to decide what colour and shape discs to collect, and then build a magnetic tower (with one hand unless you are really little). In our house this ends up being a good natured frenzy. Especially towards the end when the towers get taller and harder to control. And one go is never enough. Careful not to topple your tower or go for the wrong discs. This gets competitive but it does prevent Grandad from snoring on the couch for just a little bit longer. 

6). Disney Codenames 

We love the original, but this is a really charming edition, and perfect for the Disney lovers. A clever game that will delight younger players with their favourite characters, but still a decent cerebral workout for older folk too. Provide great clues so your team can select the right cards, whilst avoiding the similar but wrong ones. 

7). Penguin Bowling 

Doesn't need much explanation. These wooden skittles are very very cute, and on a wintry theme. They remind me a little of Feathers McGraw (the Wallace & Gromit villain) which helps when I am trying to knock them ruthlessly down. We find little ones enjoy being the official skittles stander-uppers (great for the motor skills, and yes that is a word), and Auntie Jean can still have a go from the comfort of the armchair. No age range on this one, every one can have a go. 

8).  Endangered Animals Bingo 


I know I am not supposed to have favourites, but of all the Bingos we stock, this is definitely one of my favourites. A perfect Christmas Day game. Everyone can get involved. Little Alice used to love picking the cards out of the bag and describing the animal she could see for everyone to guess, later on, when she was learning to read she would sound out the name instead. This game is beautifully made by Laurence King and every time I play it, I always think what great value it is (especially at our price) . Grandparents will love this one as much as the younger crowd. It is a pleasantly leisurely paced game, ideal for the afternoon or evening. Dinosaur, James Bond, Bug, Ocean (and many more) Bingos also available on our site. 

9). Eidos 


There is absolutely no reason to let the youngsters have all the fun. They have hogged the concept of Dobble for way too long. This arty elegant version is exactly the same principle - find the matching image across two cards - but it features details of works of art instead. Everyone can learn something new playing this game. Recognise your 'Girl with the pearl earring' from your Lichtenstein. If you prefer we also stock Dobble Minions, Pixar, Mandalorian . . .

10). Mindful String Games 


And after the wonderful chaos of the day and all that washing up? Looking for a little peace and calm? A throwback to playground fun. Play on your own our choose your favourite person to help you out. Calming cats cradle. 


Still haven't found what you are looking for. Take a look at our games collection here for plenty more inspiration. 

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