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Glow Up Season 3

23 April 2021 -

Any one else watching?
Little Alice has always loved makeup. At 3 she could expertly apply swiped mascara in a way that my 15 year old self could never equal. When I had the chance in the early years of motherhood to go out for a night out, she would intently peer at my face whilst I was getting ready, and I could hear the cogs whirring as she silently noted what I used where, which brush, which pot.
We had years of face-painting to try and reduce the swiping and to channel her artistic energies. Little girls and slap were a total horror to me so we muddled along but every chance she got, her face paint 'character' was essentially a grown woman wearing full warpaint.
So to sit down with her now, at 10 years and watch this programme is wonderful. It is about make-up (we have all learnt something, from ombre lips to clumpy eyelashes) but it is also about folk pursuing dreams and trying to show their best under quite stressful conditions. We find it fascinating, and revealing, and usually quite heart warming. Everyone has a favourite MUA (Make Up Artist) though this often changes as you get to know who is who and what they are made of. You hear all their stories over the course of the series, and more often than not the projects they are given are quite personal. Who they are is quite literally all over their face.
If you don't know this programme and you have a little fashionista like me, give it a try. The language is acceptable, as are themes (though we have had some interesting conversations as a result). It is great to see people from all different walks of life. And it leads to some amazing home inspired projects!
Image is from contestant Dolli's IG account (dolli.glam).
Glow Up is showing on BBC1 and BBCiplayer.

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