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After Alice's Fantasy Agony Aunts . . .

03 December 2016 -

If you could have the counsel of any wise soul, living or dead who would it be? Someone to sit and listen with an open mind and generous disposition? Or maybe a character who has learnt from hard truths and bitter experience? The arrival of our Little Thinkers at After Alice has got us all pondering. We admit that we have been totally biased in our selection. There are so many great, good and downright wacky personalities to choose from in the Unemployed Philosophers Guild range, but we decided to cherrypick the finest female minds, hearts and talents. If you are looking for an unusual yet inspiring gift for older Alices, you may have just found it.

We rather like the idea of Austen sitting wisely on the desk, Kahlo gazing approvingly at your easel or Curie quietly encouraging endeavours from the bookshelf.  Our full range of female influencers also include Ada Lovelace, Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, Virginia Woolf, Florence Nightingale and Emily Dickinson. They can all be admired here.

For a chance to win one of these inspiring dolls for your Alice, just tell us who is your favourite and why. You can do this via Facebook or Twitter. The winner will be whoever's comment we deem most worthy/ entertaining / insightful, or simply the one person who bothered to enter. Winner to be announced on Friday 9th December at 8pm via Facebook / Twitter. Good luck. 

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