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30 January 2018 -


I can't believe how quickly this month is passing. Especially as next weekend my eldest daughter turns 9 years old. Birthdays always make me stop and take a breath. To try and drink in the past year and try to reflect on one of my favourite Earth beings changing, evolving and becoming more and more themselves. As ever, it is a time to reflect on her likes and dislikes as we ponder what to get her, and probably just as importantly, what not to get her.

So despite her continued love of Minecraft, there is nothing more hi-tech than a watch (and no it's not 'smart'). There are only a few books after she made the comment at Christmas (a little wearily) 'Santa buys me sooo many books, Mummy!" There is some construction stuff (her specific request), a puppet and a bloody FINGERLING (Yay. Finally back in stock).

As toyshop owner, it is always tempting to throw all kinds of gifts her way, especially as she is such a good reviewer and often I would just like to know what she thinks of a new product. But I also know the crucial role of expectation. So both my children have given up asking me for toys. I really am Mama Scrooge. And I check myself at these gift giving times, trying to provide a thoughtful selection of things they will love that will hopefully thrill and engage them. There are always some things they really wanted or needed, plus a few little surprises that I think will open the world a little wider for them.

Anyway, it's her birthday this week. To celebrate, and recognising her love of a good game around the kitchen table, I am inviting friends of After Alice Ltd. to choose a game they would like to win from our site. Have a look at our selection, you should find something to delight, whatever the age of your family. We would love to know why you choose what you do, and who you would like to play it with. You can enter by emailing us at or via the original Facebook post:

Winner will be drawn at random on Saturday 3rd February, by the birthday girl herself. Prize can only be posted to a UK address.

Our selection of games can be found here.  

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