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A Note about GCSEs

22 August 2019 -

Maybe today you feel invincible and capable of anything. Maybe today you feel overwhelmed and overawed. Maybe today you want to curl up and retreat to a different time and place before results and outcomes. 

Whatever it may be, you are still the same person you were before the scores. Your jokes are still terrible. Your chilli is still terrific and your little sister still thinks you are amazing. 

We all do. So whether today feels like the start of a wonderful adventure or a slog up a muddy hill, we still see you, know you and love you. Not as a number. Not as a letter. Not as a score. 

Some of the most precious things and amazing talents just refuse to be categorised and ordered. And let us not forget that some of the biggest success stories come from people who failed miserably at school or simply went against the grain and found their own route to the top of the mountain. 

Dig deep. You are infinite. Capable of greatness and failure and everything in between. And at times it is hard to judge or you are too close to see what is success, what is opportunity and what is a life lesson that you will always carry. 

Keep faith in yourself and continue that adventure to exactly who you want to be. 

M. Lambourne.

Photo credit: A J Burrows Photography

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