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Zig & Go - Roll - Action Reaction (28 pieces)

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Another wonderful gift from Djeco, that will delight young, old and everyone in between. This will appeal if you have ever spent time setting up domino runs, marvelling at the classic game Mousetrap or admiring 'Rube Goldberg' inspired creations.

Created by Jean-Rene Menard who specialises in dreaming up mechanical sequences which are simultaneously wacky, surprising and spectacular.

STEM pursuits don't get more enjoyable than this. Gravity, force, momentum - all in action. Arrange the various pieces (28 in total) and witness the power of the chain reaction.  Use your skill and dexterity to position the various pieces and create a circuit. Evaluate different layouts and tracks. Learn how speeds vary depending on the weights and distances involved. 

Players can copy the designs in the instructions booklet to build courses, or make up their own designs. 

Encourage critical thinking. Build a course. Enjoy the results and then try and improve the design. How long can you keep the marble moving for? Can you set the course to raise the flag at the end?

Designed for curious minds from 7 years +

All kits in this collection are compatible. Combine with marble runs you already have, and household objects to extend the adventure further. 

Includes 16 page instruction booklet.  This is predominately a wooden building game, but includes metal pieces. 

Wood used is 100% from Responsibly sourced sources. 

Boxed dimensions: 25 x 25 x 5.5 cm (approx) . 


Warning: Choking Hazard - toy contains small marbles. Not for children under 3 years. 


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