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Yogi game tin

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The hilarious game of twisted poses! 

A bit like twister, minus the mat and plus a lot of laughs. 

A game for strangely bendy, co-ordinated folk. On a turn, a player reveals the top card from the deck. If the card is red, the player must place or hold the card somewhere on their body as directed by the card; if the card is green, the card itself can stay on the table, but the player must do whatever is specified on the card, such as keeping one thumb on your chin or having your hands touch. 

Players can be as ingenious as they like to stay in the game. For example they can try rotating their entire body, lying down, using other things to provide support, drawing with their mouth or even their feet!

Who can keep it together, and follow all the card instructions for the longest? In the end there can be only one Yogi. 

For 3 - 10 players.

For players 8 years + (tweens and teens will particularly enjoy).

15 - 20 minutes play time.

Product dimensions: 11 x 3 x 14.7 centimetres 


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