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World Flags Tablecloth

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Make mealtimes fun and educational with this world flags tablecloth. Perfect for family dinners, bigger celebrations, play dates and parties. A great way to zone off the kid's section on a bigger table (though we can't promise the adults will keep to their end). 

Colour and discover the amazing flags of the United Nations member states, learning about what makes each country’s flag unique as you have fun colouring them in with the included coloured pens. From Morocco to Malawi, Cape Verde to Colombia - kids can enjoy colouring around the world. Eat Sleep Doodle provide online learning resources to extend the learning further (QR code on packaging). 

Reusable. Made from 100% cotton, each tablecloth comes with a set of 10 wash-out markers for endless creativity.  The international flag tablecloth isa great gift to boost childrens’ world knowledge and interest in travelling – they can have fun using the flags to plan their next exciting adventure; a great around the world party idea and perfect for travel themed decorations or home-schooling lessons. It even has loops so it can easily be used as a wall hanging. 

After the meal just pop the tablecloth on a warm machine wash (40 degrees) and the ink comes out completely, ready for the next meal. 

Measuring 130 x 85cm / 50 x 33 ", i t’s a handy size which fits smaller tables or acts as kids’ zone on part of a bigger table. And it’s perfect as a wall hanging, too.

Recommended for any age child who can doodle (but old enough to know what pens to use!). 

Product dimensions: 130 x 85cm / 50 x 33 ". 

Contains one table cloth.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. 


Why they'll love it

Really keep those little fingers and minds busy and entertained when waiting to eat.

A present that helps children get creative and away from screens.

Sometimes timely colouring-in really can save the day. 

A different way to complete the Geography homework. 

Why you'll love it

Washable pens that provide your little artist with a fresh canvas after every wash.

Make a mistake? Prefer a different colour scheme? Too much colouring outside of the lines? No problem. After it is washed, little artists get another go.

Online resource (details on packaging) provide fun facts and information about the different flags represented. A great memory exercise. How many flags can you colour in correctly (without checking?)  Build your knowledge and improve with every meal time. 



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