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Word On The Street

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We love a game which is fun to play but has a strong educational ethos running beneath - Word On The Street is a great example of this. If you are looking to entertain and strengthen burgeoning literacy skills at the same time then this board game is the perfect choice. 

Can be played with 2 people (one on each side of the street) or with up to 8 players (4 on each team). We find it works really well around the kitchen table as a family game. Teams battle each other to capture the letter tiles which start off in the middle of the board but can be moved to a particular side as you spell out answers to the questions using the available consonants. The questions are pleasingly open ended ('something dangerous', 'something found on a map') and encourage creative thinking and outside the box solutions. The next team can then pull letters back in their direction when it is their go, if they are used in their answer. This is a literary tug of war. If the letter tile moves so far in one direction, it becomes a point for that team. 

In this game, vowels are not worth points. It is a pleasure to watch young players confidently discuss possible answers and disregard words that are not going to yield an impressive score, or strategically pull a tile back from their opponent just in time. This is great way to build literary confidence and expand vocabulary. 

There is a time element to this game, but with younger players this can be easily added later once they have got the hang of things (or when they have an adult on their team to help). Quick to understand and get playing. We love games that are versatile and can be adapted as needed.

A thorough but enjoyable mental workout for budding wordsmiths that rewards brainstorming and great team communication. 

Manufacture recommends for children 10 years +. We have found that younger players can also enjoy (8 years +), especially if they are experienced with word games or are playing on a team with older players. 

Contents - 17 letter tiles, 216 category cards (double sided), one sand timer and one game board. 

Boxed dimensions: 26.4 x 21.8 x 7.9 cm


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