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Wooden Noah's Ark unpackaged with pieces displayed

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Wooden Noah's Ark

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A timeless classic and a welcome addition to any toy box. 

Noah and his wife welcome animals of all shapes and sizes aboard their brightly coloured wooden ark. It's almost time to set sail, but first there's plenty of fun to be had. Some of the happy tribe of animals have magnets on their backs so that they can be attached to the side of the ark, while some can be slotted through the holes in the side! The fold down ramp allows the animals to enter two by two.

A sturdy carry handle allows this fun wooden play toy to travel with your little one.

Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination.

Handcrafted. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards.

As well as Noah and his wife, Naamah, the Ark is well stocked with animal pairs. Little hands will enjoy lining up giraffes, zebras, lions, elephants, hippos, alligators, pandas and doves. The animals can board the boat (two-by-two, of course) via the foldable ramp. Please note contents are given as a guide. Colour and contents may vary. 

A great way to encourage colour and animal recognition in young children. And to acquaint them with one of the most popular bible stories.  

Consists of 16 play pieces.

For children aged 3 years +

Dimensions:16 x 34 x 25 cm

Weight: 1.86 kg.





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