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The Wild Bunch - A Crazy Eights Card Game

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If you have got to the stage where you can't bear one more hand of Uno . . . this is the game for you. The Wild Bunch delivers everything that the 40 year old classic card game does, plus some fresh twists and a rejuvenated playing deck. 

With the Wild Bunch, cards are still discarded and play follows suits and colours. Suits are 4 different species all with a unique symbol (mountains for mammals, clouds for birds, bubbles for fish and a leaf for insects). Each card depicts a creature from one of these groups (lions, caterpillars, eagles etc.) on a colour background. Players follow either the colour or the species, in terms of which card they lay next. 

A wacky selection of wild cards keeps play interesting. For example, Chameleon cards change the colour of the next card played, Crab reverses play order, the Macaque mean everyone swaps hands whilst the Kangaroo card leads to the player missing a go.  Just like in Uno there are pick up cards (in this game represented by the Octopus). 

The illustrations are colourful and engaging and each creature is labelled. Several times during our first play of this game we broke off to admire some of the animals depicted that we had never seen before (turns out there really is a pineapple fish!). This game will certainly improve everyone's knowledge of different species. 

Contains 89 cards (72 animal cards and 17 wildcards). Easy to follow colour instruction booklet included.

Recommended for players aged 4 years +

2 + players

15 mins play

Product dimensions: 10 x 3.2 x 13.9 cm


Why they'll love it

Everyone will give this a go, even when they have Uno fatigue.

Play can be adapted to suit audience. There is a simple version for younger children and absolute beginners and 'wilder' rules for more advanced or older players. Or just make up your own. 

Colourful creature illustrations on every card mean there is always something to look at. Learn about new animals, insects, fish and birds you never knew existed. 

Players down to their last card, announce this by making the noise of their favourite creature (we love elephants in our house so this was surprisingly tricky!)

Why you'll love it

Great for building confidence with early literacy and numeracy skills.

A fun introduction to basic card game strategy. 

Based on the same premise as Uno (Crazy Eights) The Wild Bunch variation keeps play fresh and interesting for players (especially adults!)

A great stocking filler and on-the-go game. 


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