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Tea For 2

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Tea for 2 is an easy-to-learn, yet hard to master deck-building game set in Alice's Wonderland that combines easy rules and strategic play. To do battle, players simultaneously flip over the top card of their decks. The player with the highest card can use the card's effect or buy a new card for their deck. Players will collect hourglasses and tarts, and try to keep their hands on the precious pink flamingo.

There are numerous ways to boost your score in this delightful themed game. Most people particularly enjoy the moment when they get to be outrageously royal and shout "Off with their head" (yes, beheadings are included!).

Particular mechanics that can change with each play, ensures you never get quite the same game twice. Each game lasts up to 30 minutes which feels right - and it is fun whilst it lasts but doesn't drag.

The large cup of luck poured for every round (players are at the mercy of what card is turned over next) keeps the mood light and players can definitely feel that they are in a strange world where craziness can happen with each card duel.

Refreshing and full of flavour. Tea for 2 is a subtle blend of battle and deck-building.

Recommended for players aged 10 years + (younger children used to playing similar games will also enjoy).

For 2 players.

Product dimensions:13 x 17.8 x 4.1 cms. 



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