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Sylvia Plath - Magnetic Personalities, white background

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Sylvia Plath Finger Puppet - Magnetic Personalities

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How much inspiration can you fit on one finger? This Sylvia Plath puppet may only be 4" tall (approx.) but her iconic writings have made a huge contribution to our literary world.

Sylvia Plath was a novelist, short story writer, and Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet.Plath published many critically acclaimed poems and short stories, as well as her semi-autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar, originally published under a pen name ("Victoria Lucas"). This is the story of a young woman struggling to establish herself as a writer in a culture that took sexism for granted and misunderstood mental illness. The book has never gone out of print, and more than 50 years later its themes of identity, artistic independence, and rebellion against cultural expectations continues to resonate with young artists and writers.

This quirky line of toys celebrates the great minds, talents and personalities of history and introduces them to a young audience.

An entirely original addition to any puppet collection. Quirky and full of detail.

4 " tall (approx.) 

Choking Hazard: small parts. Recommended for children aged 5 years and above. 

Why they'll love it

It is a famous author, a finger puppet and a fridge magnet, all in one.

A little reminder to quit stalling and get back to that novel, poem, revision . . .

Why you'll love it

Wonderfully random but we like that. 

Each design in this unique range is a detailed, original plush portrait with a mini bio tag of essential dates, key facts, and a quotable quote.

Please note, individual features and details on puppets can vary, but Sylvia's essence guaranteed in every one.


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