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Superhero finger puppet full length

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Super Hero Finger Puppet

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Helping  to fight crime and injustice alongside our Super Girl Hero Finger Puppet, it's Superboy (or maybe another wonder woman with a cool bob - you decide!).

A well crafted, quality finger puppet with a wooden head, colourful fabric costume and short woollen hair. We love the attention to detail on the outfit.

Small and Mighty. Get ready to save the world! 

Suitable for children 3 years +

Puppet dimensions (approx): 9 x 13 cm.

For children aged 3 years plus.

Why they'll love it

Just the right size for little fingers to swoop in and save the day. Little puppeteers get to decide just what super powers this mysterious masked, caped crusader will possess.

Perfect for solo capers or for adding to a story line with other puppets.

Pocket money budget friendly.

Why you'll love it

A good imagination toy to encourage your child's story-telling and pretend play.

A lovely surprise to any party bag.


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