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Success Oracles - Career & Business tips from the good, the bad, & the visionary

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Do you find that your tweens and teens are no longer listening to you? Would you like a pack of the wise and good (and a few others) to provide sage advice about their future? People they might actually take notice of?

Success Oracles brings together 50 well known figures (historical through to modern day celebrities) and condenses their wisdom into a pack of magnificently illustrated cards. Beyonce can advise on choreographing your own awesome so no one else can follow.  Angela Merkel can provide a sober non nonsense approach to finance. Whilst Arnie is there to remind you to flex your assets. 

Whatever the question, why not throw it open to a wonderful cast, pick a card and see if that guru has the answer. Be guided and inspired. Or at the very least entertained. And this fun twist on tarot cards may actually lead to some interesting conversations with your offspring. Maybe they will listen to Steve Jobs if they won't listen to you. 

Includes illustrated colour booklet that introduces all the people featured on the cards and provides useful background and key facts on them. 

An inspired choice for the tricky teen market.

Size: 159 x 119 mm

50 Cards in a box

50 illustrations


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