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Stickyscapes at the Museum

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Not your average sticker book! Stickyscapes provide a double-sided fold-out panoramic scene to decorate.

One side depicts  a busy museum during the daytime, while the reverse side shows the museum at night - when everything comes to life! Dinosaurs roam, knights-in-armour ride free and paintings jump right out of their frames!

100 re-usable stickers.

Other varieties available on site.

297 x 215 mm

Why they'll love it

Full of iconic paintings and artworks to spot and enjoy (includes the Mona Lisa and Matisse's Icarus).

The finished scene makes an eye-catching wall decoration.

A great tool for getting excited about visiting a museum or gallery or remembering a special day out.

Why you'll love it

Stylish graphics deliver just the right amount of facts. Informative and fun.

Help them learn through play.

Wonderful on the go entertainment. Perfect for waiting rooms and travelling. 


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