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Sounds Fishy - The Ultimate Bluffing Game

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Looking for a fast-thinking, push-your-luck, kind of bluffing game? One that doesn't depend on knowing vast amounts of trivia but rewards a quick imagination?  Look no further . . .

Sounds Fishy is a fab pursuit for creatives out there, for lovers of weird facts and players who don't mind being a bit sneaky. A sea of red herrings and just one right answer - can you guess correctly? 

Sounds Fishy can be played in small or large groups, so it's the perfect party game and also ideal to play as a family. 

Roles change, so you'll have to get creative with your answers, fool the opposition and be daring with your guesses — things are always interesting.

Sample questions include - 

In South Dakota where is it illegal to fall asleep? 

What did ancient Greeks use for toilet paper? 

In medieval England what was sometimes used instead of money?

How to play - Decide who is going to be the guesser of the group. Everyone else takes a fish card (these outwardly all look the same). These will all be red herrings (wrong answers) apart from the holder of the true answer (the blue kipper). All participants with a red herring card have to make up an possibly plausible answer to whatever the question is. The holder of the blue kipper has to just read out the true definition they have been given. The guesser then has to try and rule out the red herrings (the answers they think are false). Points are lost if they identify the right answer as false. They can choose to stop guessing at any point, and bank the points they have accumulated. 

What’s in the box?
9 fish cards
80 point tokens
200 question cards
1 card dispenser

Play lasts 15 minutes (approx) - so time for a few rounds! Perfect for Balderdash fans who haven't got time for a whole board game. 

Plastic free. 

For 4 - 10 players. 

Recommended for players 10 years + 

Box dimensions -  H24, W17, D6.2cm.


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