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Looking for a pursuit for teens who've outgrown other games? The style and design of Skull is distinctly intended for the more grown up young person, who has left more childish things behind.

Deceit, bluffing, double bluff . . . Skull has been described as all the most enjoyable bits of poker without the time commitment or gambling debt! No one can be trusted in this game. The mechanics of this game are quite simple and easy to follow, but working out your opponent, learning their tells and spotting the tricks they employ is all part of mastering Skull. It is an engaging sociable game where a focus on player interaction is key. Quick to play so rematches and even tournaments are possible. 

How to play? Players all put down one of their 4 card discs (there are 3 flowers and 1 skull in each player's hand). There is then the choice of the lead player placing another card, or calling a number. This is a bid - the player is stating how many cards they can flip over (starting with their own pile) without revealing a skull. Other players can then increase the bid, or pass. The penalty for getting the bid wrong is merciless - a random card from their hand of 4 is removed permanently. Getting the bid right means they flip over their player mat - if they do this twice, they win. 

Brutal, simple, addictive. Just don't forget your Poker skull. 

For 3 - 6 players. 15 - 45 minutes playing time.

Recommended for ages 14 years + (interestingly in other countries this game is sold as suitable for 10 years +, so if your child is younger and used to game playing they will probably be fine).

Boxed dimensions - 5.5 x 13 x 13 cms (approx)

Not suitable for children aged younger than 3 years - Choking Hazard - Small Parts.

2020 Edition. 

Why they'll love it

Skull is a game of bluff. And double bluff. And deception. To win you will need nerves of skill and a little luck. A teenager's enhanced ability to give absolutely nothing away (especially when they may have something to hide) will definitely come in handy. 

This is a sociable game. The fun is learning to read and second guess your competitors.

Why you'll love it

The striking illustrations definitely make this game. Especially if you are a fan of mandalas, sugar skulls and Dia de los Muertos (with a little Viking thrown in for good measure). The gorgeous flower symbols are detailed, intricate and could grace the bulging bicep of any self-respecting biker. 

A great choice for the tricky teen market, but actually suitable for most of the family. 

Compact neat box for storage. 


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