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Shakespeare Playing Cards

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This delightful pack of playing cards casts Romeo & Juliet as the King and Queen of Hearts. Lady Macbeth of course, is the Ace Villain. Featuring the wonderful cast of William Shakespeare's most memorable characters.

This is a wonderful gift for literary fans of one the most famous playwright of our times. 

Suits are themed on character traits, with hearts for lovers, diamonds for heroes and heroines,  spades for villains and clubs for fools. Pack includes 2 jokers. 54 cards in total. The enclosed booklet provides text about each character represented and their place in literary history.

A great way to acquaint young players with classic characters. 

Standard playing card pack. 54 cards.

Comes in sturdy, attractive storage box. 

Product dimensions: 115 x 90 x 35 mm

54 cards & booklet


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