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Rosa Parks Finger Puppet , white background

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Rosa Parks Finger Puppet - Magnetic Personalities

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How much inspiration can you fit on one finger? This Rosa Parks puppet may only be 4" tall (approx.) but her courage and defiance made a huge contribution to our world.

In 1955, Rosa Parks took a stand for African Americans and changed American history. Now she can take a stand on your finger or fridge with this lovely and educational magnetic finger puppet.

This quirky line of toys celebrates the great minds, talents and personalities of history and introduces them to a young audience.

4 " tall (approx.)

Choking Hazard: small parts. Recommended for children aged 5 years and older. 

Why they'll love it

It is a famous icon, a finger puppet and a fridge magnet, all in one.

An entirely original addition to any puppet collection. 

A little reminder to quit stalling and get back to that project, petition, revision . . .

Why you'll love it

Wonderfully random but we like that. 

Each design in this unique range is a detailed, original plush portrait with a mini bio tag of essential dates, key facts, and a quotable quote.

Please note, individual features and details on puppets can vary from the photos shown, but Rosa's essence guaranteed in every one.


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