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Rainforest Guardian Lottie Doll

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This special Lottie Doll has been created in partnership with the Rainforest Trust. True to her name, she comes packaged in a new style box without the usual plastic window*. 

The Amazon rainforest is home to many endangered plants and animals, and their habitats are in danger of disappearing. Lottie Doll is working with her friends at the Rainforest Trust to teach kids all about climate change and the endangered plants and animals of the Amazon.

Lottie is ready to explore the rainforest in a khaki playsuit (with matching hat), white socks and brown walking boots. Of course she doesn't forget her magnifying glass and binoculars - there is so much to examine and explore. This set also includes ten collectable cards with rainforest facts. 

Rainforest Guardian has long dark hair and dark eyes. 

All Lottie Dolls come presented in a beautifully designed, colourful box, complete with a handle for easy transport. These Irish designed dolls need no wrapping and have an attention to detail that makes them a joy to collect. 

The brand is a winner of numerous international awards.

*Due to the new greener packaging this doll cannot be seen in the box. There is a illustration of the doll on the outside of this box. Made with recycled and recyclable paper with soy inks. 

Boxed dimensions: 16 x 24 x 6 cm. 


Lottie Dolls are 18 cm high.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and up

Why they'll love it

Small, portable size.

The dolls in the Lottie range come in a range of skin, hair and eye colours so if desired the doll can be chosen to look similar to her owner.

Wide range of hobbies and pursuits to reflect the interests of her owner.

Easy to relate to.

Lots of accessories and outfits available to further enhance play scenarios.

Why you'll love it

Based on the natural dimensions of a 9 year old child.

The Lottie range is ethnically diverse.

Lottie doesn't wear makeup, high heels or jewellery.

She is interested in a range of hobbies from stargazing to gymnastics.

Refreshing role model doll that a child can relate to.

Green packaging. 


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