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Poppik Poster & Stickers - Famous Women

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As any parent knows, a well timed activity can save an afternoon, turn around a play date and just generally keep peace and harmony.

This creative offering from French brand Poppik pleases us in all kinds of ways. It offers an engaging, fun activity for children aged 7 years +. This pack contains a large poster and 46 stickers to place. The end result is a handsome, educational piece of wall art that children can be proud of creating (and can continue to learn from). 

The generous size of the poster allows siblings to enjoy it together. It would also work very well on a play date when a little bit of structured activity time is needed.

The poster is bilingual, it can be displayed on the French language or English Language side. 

Children can learn all about the theme, in this case, famous women. This pack features a number coded poster and correlating numbered removable stickers. The shapes of the stickers and the matching poster blanks will also help guide younger children to the right spot. 

Politicians, artists, scientists . . . women involved in many varied fields feature. Malala, Josephine Baker, Mother Theresa and Frida Kahlo are all included (plus many more). This is a great introduction to important figures that have graced our world, past and present. The illustrations are friendly and designed to appeal to children. The accompanying pamphlet explains who is included and provides a brief but informative introduction to each. 

Get it wrong? Want to straighten that sticker up? No problem. These stickers can be repositioned if necessary.

Suitable for children aged 7 - 12 years (approx). Other varieties available on site.

Pack dimensions: 22 x 35 cm (approx)

Poster size: 50 x 68cm

Contains: 1 poster (50 x 68 cm) and 46 Stickers

Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. Learn the names and stories of famous women who have made an impact on the world we live in. 

Bright, child friendly graphics. 

Bilingual poster (1 side in French, 1 side in English). 

Informative and age appropriate. 

A great starting point for becoming interested in a new topic. 

Why they'll love it

Help them learn through play. 

Once finished, looks great on a bedroom wall (especially framed). 

Great for young children as stickers can be moved if they make a mistake or change their mind. 

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