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Create your very own 3D planet in the palm of your hand. 

In each round, choose different terrain cards (which magnetically attach to your globe) to form a welcoming habitat for the vast array of wildlife you come across. Spread your mountain ranges and your deserts, expand your forests, oceans and glaciers.

Certain conditions suit certain creatures (each animal card displays the habitat they require). Strategically build your world to try and ensure it will attract a diverse range of creatures. For example, the panda species will be won by whoever has the most forest. Whereas elephants will be hosted by the player with the largest desert region, touching a mountain area. 

The more players in the game, the harder it is to control the habitats you create. 

Planet is a great combination of thinking ahead (strategically deciding what planet you want to create) and going with the flow (making the most of the tiles you receive). The 3D nature of the planet is very appealing. It is great for children who love to fiddle with things and who struggle to sit still and wait to move pieces on a more conventional board game. 

Recommended for players 8 years +

For 2 - 4 players. Play time: approx 30 minutes. 

Product dimensions:  30 x 30 x 8.5 cm

Why they'll love it

A great gift for young conservationists who are fascinated by the animal kingdom. The realistic artwork is a real treat for animal lovers. 

For beginners, there is an intro level to help build confidence and acquaint them with the rules of the game. Older and more experienced players can introduce a habitat objective card for more advanced play (and for more point scoring potential). 

A game that bears repeat playing well. 

Why you'll love it

An unusual and engaging family game that everyone can enjoy.

Tactile and hands on, it is a great choice for children that find traditional board games too staid and static.

Encourages strategic thinking and planning.


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