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Personal Library Kit

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Keen to lend out your favourite books from your precious personal library to friends? But worried that might be the last you ever see of them? Help is at hand. This personal library kit allows you to embrace your inner organised librarian. Share those beloved books and keep track of exactly where they are, and how long they have been lent. 

Laugh with your friends about the kooky quirkiness of it all, but rest safe in the knowledge that you are secretly and ably protecting your collection. 

Simply apply the self adhesive pockets to treasured tomes, fill out circulation cards to note what's missing from your shelves, and employ the date stamp to gently remind borrowers when precious volumes are due for return. 

We probably all know a bibliophile that would LOVE one of these kits. You say anal, I say organised. 

Contains 20 self-adhesive pockets, 20 checkout cards, date stamp, stamp pad and pencil. A compact and neat kit. 

A unique gift for the tween / teen market. Show the children how libraries used to run before computers (who didn't want a go on that stamp?!). 

Boxed Dimensions: 189mm x 156 mm 


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