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Periodic Table Elemental Blocks - By Uncle Goose

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Probably the only time you should let a child play with Plutonium and Arsenic!

These beautifully crafted wooden building blocks simply make the perfect quirky gift for science loving friends with a young child. 

And they look too good to languish at the bottom of the toy box (we would definitely arrange them artfully on the coffee table).  We see this as a gift to entertain the toddler in the room, whilst also helping mum or dad get to grips with the elemental wonders of our world (a good antidote to baby brain). 

Plus, is it ever too early to start exposing your offspring to incredible things? We think not. Each colourful block features six element images accompanied by their atomic number, symbol, and name.

A great gift for mad scientists of all ages. Colourful hands-on building fun, but these blocks are also the perfect introduction to science. It is never too soon to spark a love of learning and STEM pursuits. 

Also a cool teen gift for those learning the periodic table for their studies. 

Set contains 20 wooden blocks measuring 1.75". Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood. Printed with non-toxic, mouth safe inks. 

Suitable for children aged 2 years + 

Single block dimensions: 1.75" cube 

Pack dimensions: 18 x 22 x 4.5 cm (approx). 

Made in the USA


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