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P For Pizza

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P for Pizza is a family friendly quick fire word game. 

Big Potato Games are well known for creating plastic free pursuits that can be quickly explained. So you can start playing in minutes rather than spending time scrutinising the instructions. 

In this tasty offering, players race to be the first to shout out a category starting with a particular letter. The cards are varied ('On the Beach', 'Children's Book', 'Dog Breed') and encourage playful creative answers ('Flavour of Ice-cream' was very inventive when we played). The quickest wins the letter card and starts to build their own personal pizza slice. To win, you need to collect 9 pieces of pizza that fit together in the correct format (5 cards at bottom, 3 in the middle and one on top).  The bottom 5 cards will be made up of green category (easiest) the middle will be made up of yellow (medium) and the top triangle will the hardest level (red). 

This game has good replay-ability (each time there will be a different combination of letters and categories paired together). 

Rewards speed and flexible thinking. As the game progresses it gets harder, providing some nail-biting finishes and an enjoyable level of tension. 

Modern simple design. Suits families with an age range of players (teens and tweens will love this too). Light weight box makes it a great choice for on-the-go entertainment. 

Recommended for players 8 years + 

2 - 4 players. 15 minutes play per game (approx). Contents - 120 cards.

Boxed dimensions: 170 x 124 x 45 mm.



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