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Octo Domino by Djeco, boxed, slight angle

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Octo Domino by Djeco

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The perfect introduction to this classic pursuit for young players who may not feel so comfortable (or interested) in playing with traditional domino pieces. A good way to bridge the gap between old and young. 

Djeco's version is full of friendly animal faces. Frogs, owls and badgers all feature. The bright colours and characters help young players clearly differentiate between the pieces. The game is still played with exactly the same principle - matching pieces, using doubles etc. 

Contains 28 wooden pieces with animal faces on one side and dots on the reverse (so domino purists can still play with more traditional style pieces). Older / more experienced children can graduate to the dot side once they understand the rules of the game or have the necessary early numeracy skills. 

Designed by Géraldine Cosneau for Djeco. 

This delightful version breathes new life into an old favourite. 

Strong sturdy storage box. 

For players 2 years +

Boxed dimensions: 22.5 x 22.5 x 3.5cm (approx)



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