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Mozart - Little Thinker Doll With Musical Box, white background

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Mozart - Little Thinker Doll With Musical Box

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Inspire. Enlighten. Cuddle.

Soft plush Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart doll in period dress. This special edition Little Thinker has a windup musical box sewn inside. When wound at the back, this doll plays the famous melody from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. 

Approx 11 inches tall, Mozart is dressed in a red jacket, frilly lace shirt, and powdered style wig. 

Includes a biographical tag with essential dates, acts, and a personal quote.

This quirky line of toys celebrates the great minds, talents and personalities of our time and introduces them to a young audience.

Why they'll love it

Fine detail can vary but essence of Mozart guaranteed.

A great choice for students of music.

Let Mozart send them off to sleep. 


Why you'll love it

A fun way to introduce the younger generation to this unique talent.

The perfect companion for teens as they proceed through their grades.

A less obvious gift for the tricky teen market.


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