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Monkey Bingo

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Why stop when you've hit a winning formula?! 64 monkeys and primates from around the world feature in this beautifully illustrated game of bingo. A fun educational twist on a traditional favourite. Contains 64 tokens, 12 bingo cards and counters.
262 x 236 mm

Why they'll love it

A great gift for monkey enthusiasts. Find out who knows their Ring-Tailed Lemur from their Mustachioed Emperor Tamarin. A fun way to get to know the names and appearance of a wonderful array of marvellous mammals. The game spans the well known to the wonderfully exotic.

Why you'll love it

A great pursuit for all the family. In our house, even young non-reading guests enjoy spotting the different creatures by their appearance, colour and shape. A cool way to encourage reading in small children. Let's face it, none of us know how to pronounce some of these names (use your phonics!) Beautiful illustrations. Lovely quality product.


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