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Moana of Oceania Adventure Doll by Hasbro

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If you loved the film, it is time to adore the doll. Well actually she is more of an action figure (we see that as a good thing) with 10 different articulation points. This Moana stands proudly at 32cm high. She is dressed just as she is in the film, with lovely attention to detail. She wears her Grandmother's necklace and the traditional dress of her tribe. Hasbro recommend for children aged 3 years +. If you would like the whole crew take a look at our Moana Adventure Pack. Please note last image displayed is from the actual film (features on packaging) and is not of the doll itself. Just included to show likeness.
Doll is 32.3cm high. For ages 3 years +

Why they'll love it

This well designed doll with her flexible moving limbs can get into all sorts of scrapes and adventures - just like the real character. Both her outfit and jewellery can be removed.

Why you'll love it

This doll actually looks like Moana. That shouldn't be remarkable, but it is pleasing to see the toy making folk take note after Merida from Brave was so poorly transformed when she first became a doll. This time the manufacturers have learnt the lesson -  Moana has the colouring of a true Polynesian and retains her sturdy strong frame. No unwelcome makeover for this Disney heroine (phew!). We love how strong, healthy and capable she looks. Bravo Hasbro! Moana is a great positive role model for children, if you haven't seen the film yet - why not?! 


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