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Magic Box - Fabuloso Magus, front of box

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Magic Box - Fabuloso Magus by Djeco

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A beautifully designed Magician's Set to inspire and excite. Containing everything you need (plus a little guile and showmanship/ show-womanship) to perform 20 tricks. Suitable for 6 - 10 year olds. 

Disappearance, transformation, illusion and prediction. You'll find them all here in this magic box of tricks - suitable for complete beginners. 

A great way to develop public speaking skills and increase self-confidence. Dexterity and logic are also key. 

Some magic sets can leave you wanting more. Far too much plastic and not nearly enough magic. Fabuloso Magus is different. Developed with the help of professional magicians, and with materials designed by artists, each trick and the associate props has been created to please the performer and the audience.

The child friendly instruction booklet includes code words to access Djeco's magic website where a genuine magician offers tutorials in how to perform various tricks. Learn from a master! The tricks are designed to flow from one into another so once mastered, mini magicians will have a whole show to amaze their friends and family with. 

Recommended for blossoming magicians aged 6 - 10 years (approx). 

Boxed dimensions - 26 x 24 x 6 cm. 


Why they'll love it

A fun way to learn fresh skills. Amaze friends and family.

Boosts self-confidence as the magician masters each trick and performs in front of others. 

A great choice for Harry Potter fans.

Why you'll love it

A great gift which teaches patience, perseverance (as each trick needs to be practised several times before it is perfectly mastered) and focus.

Contains 30+ accessories. Stores away in a sturdy box that will keep everything in one place. 

A refreshingly unplugged gift.


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