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Logic Action Figure - IAmElemental - Series II / Wisdom

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We are delighted to be the first UK retailer to offer the latest wonders from the awesome IAmElemental team. Series II/ Wisdom is now ready to burst upon your playscape and blow wide open your toy box. There are 7 different figures to collect in Series II, each embodying a different attribute of Wisdom. These articulated action figures stand at 4" high. The included accessories are interchangeable and fit all of the dolls.

Logic uses reason to make connections between facts and draw conclusions. She has the ability to always distinguish what is true from what is false. With a purple bob and lilac skin this is one eye-catching woman. She sports bronzed armour with non nonsense shoulder pads and collar. She wears teal knee high boots and matching bracelets. This set includes 1 Action Figure. 2 Powerful accessories, 2 Super Trading Cards, Power Carry Bag and Elemental Chart. Shared, everyone's power is greater. Warning: Too Powerful for Children Under 4 years.

4" high doll. Suitable for children aged 4 years +

Why they'll love it

An action figure designed with girls in mind. With a realistic body frame this is a figure a girl can relate to. 7 different characters to collect. Great as a good luck mascot, a well earned reward for displaying a facet of wisdom, or just as an everyday toy that will get up to all kinds of adventures. Saving the world is most definitely not just for the boys. Give a girl a different toy and she will tell a different story. Sassy, bold and innovative.

Why you'll love it

Wondering where all the action figures are for girls? Concerned at how sexualised and unrealistic the few female comic heroes are? This action figure could well be the answer. Designed by two American mums who wanted more choice for their children. A Kickstarter campaign that has enjoyed deserved success and accolades for breaking the stereotypical mould peddled by toy makers regarding the dolls that girls are interested in. A finalist in the Toy Of The Year Awards 2017. Watch this space, this is one toy with a great destiny. We are delighted to see real improvements to Series II (responding to play experiences of early adopters of Series I) so Wisdom figures come in attractive packaging that allows you to fully enjoy the character. Plus these Series II dolls can be attached to a stand to enhance play, and increase ease of display. Sometimes every girl (and boy) needs to play with power.


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