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Large Primate Puppet & banana white background

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Large Primate Puppet

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This large primate puppet is a very fluffy, friendly character who likes nothing more than swinging around and munching on a banana.

Velcro fasteners on hands make it easy to position this friendly chimp (hang puppet from a tree, or around your neck etc). 

74cm tall.

Suitable for children aged 12 months +

Puppet dimensions: 74 x 31 x 22cm.

Why they'll love it

Who doesn't want a pet chimp?

Very big, very fluffy.

There'll be lots of monkeying around with this playmate.

Peelable banana included.

Why you'll love it

Easy to bring to life.

Great for imaginative play.

The large body makes it easy to conceal the operating arm. Fully working mouth movement so s/he can really enjoy that banana or singing Jungle Book songs.

High quality materials and design from the Puppet Company.


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