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Kraken Attack!

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Something is stirring down below the sea. Batten down the hatches! Rising from the ocean, the tentacles of the monstrous Kraken are about to attack your faithful ship!

Gather your crew of brave buccaneers and use your pirate powers to push back this terrible assault with sabres, pistols, and cannons! Repair your ship as best you can, and try and keep the monster at bay. 

This is quite simply, a great family game. It has been designed to appeal to young players, but there is enough about it to keep the adult players entertained too. There is great attention to detail. 

The aim of the game is for the pirates to act and prevent their ship from being damaged (4 holes and it will sink without trace). Players get to choose one of four characters (2 girls, 2 boys) and each one has a special ability that could come in handy when facing the Kraken.

As this is co-operative play, it is handy when helping young beginners to engage with the game, as everyone can see each others' cards, and therefore the arsenal they have at their disposal. Strategy is important, but there is also a luck element to the game as rolling dice decides what happens on each turn.

Any damage sustained to the ship is very visual so youngsters can easily follow what is happening. The Kraken can also be attacked, if it is successfully hit 3 times by players (tokens that slide on to its tentacles), it will admit defeat and retreat back to the dark depths. 

Play time is 25 minutes (approx). 

1 - 4 players.  Can be played solo. More difficult levels of play are available. 

Recommended for children aged 7 years +

Contents: One ship board, One kraken tracking board, One kraken figurine, Four pirate pawns, Eight tentacle figurines, Eight ship’s rails, Six kraken dice, 40 action cards + four player aid cards, Four hole tokens, Three kraken attack tokens, Four whirlpool tokens. 

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Boxed dimensions: 23.88 x 23.88 x 7.11 cm. 


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