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Jane Austen Sticky Notes, packet and 4 different notes displayed

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Jane Austen Sticky Notes

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You may write messages and unexpected thoughts upon dull squares of yellow paper.

Alternatively, you may also carry a collection of four different notes in lovely colours, each with a quotation by the brilliant author. 

Jane Austen sticky notes are just the thing for those of us who also "cannot be forced into genius and eloquence."

For Regency lovers everywhere.  The perfect place for a little wit.   

Product dimensions: 4.2 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches (approx.)

Why they'll love it

Perfect for the messages and memos of the inspired.

This memo pad is full of hundreds of self sticking mini sheets that can be stuck pretty much anywhere.

Why you'll love it

Ah, some inspiration for the tricky teen market.

A little gift that will come in handy.


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