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James Bond Bingo

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The name is Bond. Bond Bingo. We love a modern twist on a classic. Especially when it is executed in such an inspired fashion. Laurence King has already delighted us with numerous bingo themes, but this latest outing has a licence to thrill!

James Bond Bingo features 64 characters and curiosities from the world’s most famous movie franchise.  There are six 007s, iconic villains, gadgets, cars, and of course one very fluffy cat. 

Snatch victory from the jaws of Jaws and win bigger than Le Chiffre! Be the first to fill your bingo card and shout SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED! to win.

James Bond Bingo contains 64 chips, one master game board, 12 game cards, 200 counters (designed to look like casino chips) and a cloth bag. 

A great gift for movie fans. Features stills from the original films. 

For 2 - 8 players

Boxed dimensions: 262 x 236 x 66 mm


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