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History Heroes - London, boxed

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History Heroes - London

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Get ready to meet 40 of the greatest characters in London's impressive history in this enlightening and engaging history quiz card game. 

The game contains the people, who helped make and shape London both physically and culturally. Features characters, who  built and, in some cases, destroyed London, such as Boudica, the Romans, Christopher Wren and Richard Rogers. These notable individuals rub shoulders with those who have given London its fantastic, rich cultural history, such as Shakespeare, Laurence Olivier, David Bowie, Mo Farah and Vivienne Westwood.

Each individual card introduces a different 'Londoner' and is beautifully illustrated, providing dates, flag of birthplace and seven memorable facts (including a Joker Fact). For example, did you know that during the Great Fire of London, Samuel Pepys dug a hole to protect his expensive Parmesan cheese? 

Listen to a fact read from a card and guess the hero to win it.

This game will really test your knowledge. How many remarkable characters do you know from history? 


How to play

The aim of this game is simple: win cards by guessing the person /knowing the facts. You can also use the images as clues and you can utilise the different levels of facts (colour coded) to vary difficulty level.

This allows people to play on varying levels within the same game so different ages and stages can be accommodated. Green facts are the easiest, orange are medium and red facts are most difficult.

The joker fact at the bottom of the card can also be use to devastate your opponents! 

Recommended age: 8 years +

Boxed Dimensions: 11.8 x 7 x 1.8 cm

Please note, there may be small differences to the design of the packaging received and those shown in images. 

Item weight: 123g

Why they'll love it

Fun way to test historical facts and current affairs. A brilliant choice to educate and entertain in the run up to a trip to London, or for familiarising children with their home city. 

Different aged siblings can play together (using the different difficulty settings on the questions). 

Play the standard game or customise it as the players see fit. 

Why you'll love it

An entertaining way to practise memory and improve recall abilities. 

Introduce children to history heroes. Shine a light on amazing children and the lives they led/ lead. 

Improve the whole family's knowledge. 

Compact light card game. A perfect travelling companion for on the go entertainment. 

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