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Hello Nature - Draw , Colour, Make and Grow

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Have ever wondered what the difference is between a toad and a frog? Pondered on how snowflakes are formed? Tried to identify a tree by its leaf? Then this is your kind of book. 

This is a book so crammed full of amazing facts and ideas about nature, that it is a real delight to behold. An activity book that really delivers. There is simply lots and lots for nature lovers to find out about and do. An engaging way to explore the exciting natural world around us - with your very own nature scrapbook, doodle book and all round inspiration guide. 

Different pages cover how to make daisy chains, recognising fungi, a guide to garden birds and how to grow an avocado tree! A generously sized paperback packed with beautiful illustrations. A book to encourage creativity, with illustrations to colour in and designs to finish off.

The publisher recommends for 7 - 11 years +   

Paperback.  224 pages. 289 x 210 mm


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