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Guardsman skittles and balls unpacked

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Guardsman Skittles

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A very cute little army of Guardsman skittles that are happy to be knocked down over and over again.

Features six hand crafted wooden soldiers and two wooden balls (red and natural). 

A quality traditional toy. Made from premium wood. Coated with non-toxic paint. Each Guardsman measures 13.5 cm in height. 

Suitable from 2 years +

Dimensions: 4cm L x 13cm H x 4cm W.

For children aged 2 years +

Why they'll love it

Stand 'em up. Knock 'em down! Take aim and pick off the next victim, or simply get them all in one satisfying crash.

Why you'll love it

Lovely traditional wooden toy. Ideal for indoor or outdoor play. Develops hand eye co-ordination and motor skills. Great for concentration. 


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