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Frula Worry Eater (Sorgenfresser) Pencil Case

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Frula Worry Eater (Sorgenfresser) Pencil Case

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Frula the worry eater pencil case is the perfect choice for primary school aged pupils. Somewhere to keep your pencils and to leave your worries if any crop up during the school day. 

Frula has raspberry pink and rose pink stripes and bright pink antennae. Her zip mouth is great for gobbling up troubles and anxieties. Pat the worry eater pencil case is also available. 

The innovative worry eater range is brilliant for 'eating' troubles and acting as a ‘waste bin’ for worries of all shapes and sizes. Children simply write or draw what is bothering them on a piece on paper and feed them into the zip mouth of the Worry Eater.  The friendly little monster can be a safe holding place until the child is ready to work through some of their worries, or decide they simply aren't a worry any longer. 

Supported by teachers and psychologists as a useful aid for helping children deal with worries and anxieties. Worry Eaters can be a useful tool for helping extend emotional vocabulary and encourage children to talk more about their mood states. 

Pencils not included. 

Frula is approx 19 cm in length, and approx 17 cm wide. 






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