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Flash 8 Game

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Flash 8 Game

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Fast, furious and fun!

You may remember the childhood slide puzzles of old, where there were moving tiles in a disjointed pattern and one space on the grid. By sliding tiles into the space you could reassemble the picture. This great game is based on the same premise. 

Each player (up to 4 can play) has their own 'tablet' or grid. Everyone starts together and they have to move their electron tokens to match the configuration of one of the four cards in front of them (their choice). Tokens cannot leave the grid, they can only be slid into position. This is a competitive race so other players are also trying to be the first to match a pattern. The first person to succeed, shouts 'Flash'. The completed pattern is removed, kept as a point and a new card is revealed.

Player position determines the configuration completed (e.g. players sitting opposite each other, will produce inverse versions of the same card). Tablets cannot be turned around to satisfy the card pattern. 

Sometimes several players are racing to complete the same card configuration. This can be quite frustrating, but also very satisfying when you are first to the prize.  Particularly difficult pattern cards are worth double points. Play continues until all the game cards are gone. 

There is also a solo player mode. 

Contents: 4 player tablets, 32 electron tokens, 52 game cards and 3 high score cards. 

A game lasts approx 15 minutes. For 1 - 4 players. For players aged 7 years +

Boxed Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 5 cm.

Attention - small parts. Not suitable for children under the age of three years


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