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Enamel pins - Schadenfreude & Joie de Vivre, on display card

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Enamel pins - Schadenfreude & Joie de Vivre

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Possibly the first time that Schadenfreude and joie de vivre have been seen together. Whatever ever your mood or persuasion, this enamel pin set has your lapel smartly decorated. 

Declare your inner world to everyone else. Find a kindred spirit on the bus ride home. 

Die-cast Enamel Pins with rubber pin backs that really hold on. 
Pins measure approx 1.5"

Why they'll love it

Being a teen can be tough. A witty little gift can give that lift. It is great to know that someone else gets you.

Why you'll love it

A smart little gift for the teen with pretty much everything they need.


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