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Eidos - Great Art (The Image Matching Card Game)

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There is absolutely no reason why the little ones should have all the fun . . . this entertaining offering from UPG may remind you of another playful matching pursuit but Eidos is particularly appealing for grown up art lovers (hands off everyone else). 

An incredibly simple premise (apologies if you love those pages of game instructions) but a wonderful way to spend some time, artfully annihilating a competitor. 

Each deck has 73 cards, each with nine different images. While no two cards are the same, any two cards have only one image in common,  but can you find it first?

Spend time with beautiful art pieces of genius. Ancient Egypt, the Dutch Baroque Period, Stone Age Austria, feudal Japan, 20th century Mexico... You’ll find the works of artists you know, as well as time-honored creators whose work speaks for itself. But all it really comes down to is can you find Warhol's tin of soup first? 

Boxed set contains Eidos card deck, instruction book with rules for 7 different kinds of gameplay, and fold-out image gallery mini poster.

Superbly compact box makes this game a great choice for on the go entertainment.  A wonderful way to familiarise the family with favourite works of art (enclosed art foldout tells you exactly what you are looking at). 

Recommended for players 8 years + 

2 - 8 players.

Play time 15-30 min.

Box dimensions - 4.5 x 1.5 x 4 "


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