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Dragonwood- a Game of Dice & Daring

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Dragonwood - a Game of Dice & Daring

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Imagine a mythical forest complete with a menacing dragon. Add some fearsome fire ants, grumpy trolls, and giggling goblins. A place where only the bravest will overcome the odds and emerge victorious. This beautifully illustrated card game is simple to learn but deeply engaging. Players collect sets of adventurer cards to earn dice, which can be used to roll against opponents.

Contains 108 cards, 6 custom dice and rules of play.Playing time - 20 minutes. Entertains 2 - 4 players. For children aged 8 years +

Boxed dimensions - 20.3 X 17.8 X 5.1 cm.

Why they'll love it

A fantastically fun way to practise probability, maths skills and strategic thinking as players try different ways to capture the beasts.

Why you'll love it

A good solid family game that will keep a wide range of ages entertained. Its compact size make it a good choice for holidays and playing on the go. Dragonwood has deservedly received the Mensa Select seal awarded to pursuits that are 'original, creative,challenging,a good value for the price, easy to comprehend and play and above all fun.'




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