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Doodle Fairytales & Legends Pillowcase (with pens)

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This pillowcase is teeming with favourite characters from classic storybooks. Knights, princesses, dragons, mermaids, magical unicorns all feature - ready to be brought to life with the touch of a colouring pen. 

Rapunzel, Cinderella, Robin Hood and Goldilocks are all to be enjoyed on one side. For young storytellers with their own idea about how the story should go there is space on the other side of the pillowcase to create their own original tale. 

A set of 10 double-ended washable felt tip pens are included and all the ink disappears completely after every wash for endless fairy-tale colouring in and storytelling fun. Creative writing just got a lot more relaxing. 

Colouring is a great way to unwind before bed, especially for children who struggle to read just before lights out but aren't yet ready to sleep.

Pillowcase is 100% cotton. Wash at 40 degrees (dry naturally). Recommended for any age child who can doodle (but who is old enough to know which pens to use!)

Product dimensions:75 x 50cm /20 x 30"

Why they'll love it

A unique and thoughtful gift. Each child can personalise their pillowcase themselves.

Frustration proof! Colour over the lines? Wish you made the unicorn green? No worries, have another go after the next laundry day. 

Great fun on sleepovers. Quirky, functional and creative.

Why you'll love it

Made from 100% cotton.

Washable pens that provide your little artist with a fresh colouring-in project after every wash.

An enjoyable additional to the bedtime routine. 

Encourages creative writing. 


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