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Don't Get Got! - A Secret Mission Party Game

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If you are looking for a sit around the table and predictably play a nicely behaved board game - you are in the wrong place. Don't Get Got! sets out to break quite a few of the usual game playing rules - and it is all the better for it. 

Players are given 6 secret missions to carry out on the other competitors. They range from simple and straightforward to at times confoundingly tricky. There is definitely some luck in the missions you get assigned. The winner is the first to achieve 3 of their 6 missions (everyone else is trying to do the same). A mission is failed if you are called out by your intended victim. 

Sample missions - 

Make a player catch something

Invent a chant or song and get another player to join in 

Fall over and get a player to help you up

Get a player to complement your hair

Say you feel itchy and start scratching your body in front of another player. Get them to scratch themselves. 

Get a player to wink at you

Initiate a group hug involving at least one other player

Get a player to show you a scar on their body

There is no board, just a plastic wallet for each player to keep on them, with their missions inside. Once a mission is achieved or failed, it can be flipped over in the wallet accordingly. 

Don't Get Got! as a result can stretch over a few hours, a day, maybe even a weekend or school holiday - until someone is victorious. Actually the longer the time it is played across, the funnier it can become as folk let their guards down and genuinely forget they are part of the game. Can you trick someone else before they become suspicious? A time limit can be imposed if necessary. 

There has been true delight in our house, playing this. Dreaming up cunning ways to achieve missions, or keeping things straight and natural - there are no end of strategies to try out and employ. This is a funny fluid game that works brilliantly with small groups of friends (ideal for teens and tweens) and family gatherings that don't have the time / patience / energy for more traditional board games. 

What’s in the box?

186 mission cards

10 custom wallets

For 2 - 10 players (we find more than 2 players works best to keep things unpredictable). 

Recommended for players 10 years + (but this is definitely a game for sneaky younger players to enjoy with perhaps a little support). 

2021 edition.

Box dimensions -  170 x 50 x 240mm



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