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My First Book Of Relativity

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It’s never too early to start exploring big ideas. This companion volume to My First Book Of Quantum Physics introduces complex science to children through bright illustrations and amusing text.

Einstein’s theory of relativity is one of the cornerstones of modern physics but it requires a total rethink of our notions of time and space. Strange things happen in a relative universe: length and time are not fixed and depend upon your frame of reference … So to find out more about how our universe works and how space and time are connected, look no further than this fascinating, illustrated guide to relativity.

This may be a children's book but it does not shy away from the essential themes of this subject. Included in the contents is a history of clocks and watches, how we measure time and space, speed, frames of reference and the speed of light.  It is highly likely that the adults enjoying this book will also learn something along the way. 

To keep things engaging for the intended audience, there are plenty of entertaining illustrations on every page. 

A great reference book for the home library. Hardcover. 

A gift to encourage a lifelong passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Who knows where it may lead. Publisher recommends for curious minds aged 8 years +

My First Book Of Quantum Physics and My First Book Of Microbes also available on this site.

Book Dimensions:  248 x 248 mm.  Hardcover 48 pages. Colour illustrations throughout. 


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